Argentina Visa


Documents to Present:

  1. Two sets of Visa Application Form (Original) dated & signed by the applicant.
  2. Three recent photographs 4×4 cm with White background (put in an envelope – DO NOT PASTE).
  3. Photocopy (on A4 paper only) of Valid Passport (first & second page) including valid visas.
  4. Personal bank statements for the last year certified by the bank (with name stamp of bank officer).
  5. Round Trip Flight Itinerary: Ticket, E-Ticket or booking by travel agent.
  6. Hotel Reservation or accommodation arrangements. Hotel/Accommodation Arrangements and Flight bookings must be
  7. Visa Request Letter containing applicant’s detailed personal information, passport details & trip plan duly signed by the
  8. Letter from current employer (if any) in Pakistan or elsewhere, containing applicant’s designation and salary.
  9. International Health Insurance.
  10. International Credit Card (If Available).

Application Submission: Applications (without original passport) can only be submitted via our Drop-Box service provider, Gerry’s International. Drop-Box Service charges Rs. 1500/- per application payable to Drop-Box only. The Consular Section of the Argentine Embassy does not receive/deliver passports by Drop-Box or mail.

Visa Interview: All visa applicants shall be interviewed by the Head of the Consular Section in Islamabad prior to the issuance of visa. Interview shall be scheduled via email within one week after submission of complete visa application at Drop-Box. The applicant has to show original passport at the time of interview. Important: Applications are entertained and applicants are interviewed only if all required documents are attached, otherwise the applications shall be denied on presentation.

Visa Process: All visas applications are analyzed one by one by the Competent Authorities in their own time frame. Submission of complete visa application/interview/invitation letter does not guarantee the issuance of visa. Important: After personal interview & submission of complete documents Visa process requires at least 35-45 DAYS. Interviews are given no later than one week after submission of documents.

Visa Fee: When informed about the acceptance of the visa application and relevant documents for visa processing, the applicant have to deposit the visa processing fee, 150 USD in Habib Bank Limited, F-6 Islamabad. The fee deposit slip will be issued by the Embassy.

Note 1: The visa processing fee is nonrefundable; it is only for initiating the visa process. It is neither dependent upon the results of the visa request nor it guarantees a positive outcome.

Note 2: There are no other charges of any kind except visa processing fee and Drop Box service charges, if anyone asks for any sort of charges; this situation must be immediately reported through email at


Warning: The Embassy of the Argentine Republic warns all visa applicants that it is illegal to stay in Argentina beyond the validity of their visas. The Argentine Government reserves the right to act sternly if any applicant decides to overstay. The offender will then be placed in the custody of immigration authorities and made to leave the country.

Contact Information: Embassy of the Argentine Republic (House No. 24, Street No.18, F-6/2, Islamabad – 44000) Consular Section: Email:, Website:

Any visa related queries are not answered by telephone. Leave a message or
for better & faster reply write an email, which will be replied as soon as possible.

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