Italy Visa

Consulate General of Italy, Lagos


  •  Application form duly filled in block capitals. Application must be signed and dated by the applicant on

submitting the application. The visa application form can be downloaded from the web site

  • Two recent colour passport-size photographs (white background), size 35 x 45 mm. As to the technical

specification see the relevant document. 1 photograph should be glued to the visa application and the second one, bearing on the reverse side the applicant’s full name, should be attached to the application with a paper clip

  • Passport valid for 6months from the date of visa application containing at least 3 consecutive pages. Only biometric passports are accepted.
  •  Colour photocopy of the passport page containing holder’s bio-data
  • A sheet containing the applicant’s bio-data, phone number and active e-mail address. This information must be typed and signed by the applicant
  • Non-Nigerian nationals living in Nigeria have to submit copy of the Nigerian Residence Permit 1=1 Colour copy of any previous and current visa including the landing stamps (if applicable).
  • Travel medical insurance covering the entire period of intended stay, valid for all Schengen States and covering any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during the stay. The minimum coverage must be 30.000 EUR. General waiver is only foreseen for holders of diplomatic passports (Article 15.7 of the Visa Code)
  •  documents relating to the itinerary: a) confirmation of the booking of an organised trip or any other appropriate document indicating the envisaged travel plans: flight booking (Please note that no ticket should be purchased); b) in the case of transit: visa or other entry permit for the third country of destination; tickets for onward journey;
  • Proof of accommodation for the whole duration of the intended stay:

Hotel reservations, rental of holiday home, campus residence reservation;

Or proof of private accommodation (invitation) from the host. In this case, the host/sponsor has to fill in and sign a specific fetter of invitation (“letter of hospitality/guarantee” which can be downloaded for the website and to provide photocopy of his/her identity card or passport plus photocopy of Residence Permit (Permesso o Carta di Soggiorno) if the host is a foreigner. The original letter of invitation must be forwarded by the host to the applicant and not to the Consulate General of Italy. In case of family visit: the applicant has to provide proof of family ties/relationship with the host

(Birth certificate, marriage certificate, correspondence, etc.) in addition to the letter of invitation. Applicants claiming to be family members of an Italian / E.U. citizen should provide proof of kinship by submitting a specific document duly legalized by the Italia n Consulate in Lagos

  • Letter from the applicant’s employer stating: a) Professional status of applicant; b) period of leave;
  • For scholars (professors, scholarship-holders, lecturers, instructors, etc.) and students, letter from school or university
  •  proof of financial means in the country of residence:
  1. Personal bank statement covering the last six months (COMPULSORY)
  2. Documentation pertaining to financial investments (if applicable)
  3. Certificate of payment of tax on personal income (PIT)
  • proof of employment:
  1. Letter of employment stating duration of employment and financial terms
  2. pay-slips covering the last six months (if applicable)
  •  in case the applicant is the owner of a company or an individual trader

Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) and Certificate of Business Incorporation (certificate of registration of a company or business)

  • Proof of commercial activities in Nigeria and overseas for for businesspersons e.g. bills of lading, receipt book, Form C.O. 7 or equivalent (listings of the Company’s Directors), etc
  •  In the case the applicant cannot provide evidence of personal income, a bank guarantee (“fidejussione bancaria”) established by the host person in Italy should be submitted. The amount of this bank guarantee has to be established in accordance with the relevant decree of the Italian Ministry of Interior;
  •  proof of integration into the country: documents attesting the applicant’s professional status
  1. DOCUMENTATION IN RELATION TO THE APPLICANT’S FAMILY SITUATION 1=1 marriage certificate (if applicable)


  •  The visa application form has to be signed by both parents.
  • The following documents should be provided:
  • marriage certificate of the parents (if applicable);
  • birth certificate of the Child issued by the National Population Commission (COMPULSORY). Please note that birth certificates issued by hospitals are not accepted.
  • letter from the school stating the class attended and giving permission of absence;
  • If the child is travelling with one of the two parents:
  •  The parent who is not travelling with the child should give a written consent in the form of a Sworn

Affidavit issued by a High Court including the parent’s identity photograph and copy of his/her passport

  • If the child is under the sole guardianship of one of the two parents, a Court order declaring full custodianship of the said parent has to be submitted


.           Additional documents may be required in certain cases.

  • All the documents should be provided in original and copy.
  • Original documents will be returned to applicants while copies will be kept with the visa application. No photocopy will be accepted, except the photocopy of the identity card or passport of the inviting party residing in Italy;
  • In case of submission of forged/counterfeit/fake document or passport, applicant’s passport and all the submitted documents will be forwarded to the Nigerian Police for investigations and applicant will be prosecuted in the Italian Court.
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