Malta Visa


  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Four Photographs without Border (white background 35 mm x 45 mm)
  3. Copy of CNIC / Form “B”
  4. Covering Letter
  5. Proof / Nature of Work in Pakistani i.e.
  6. Salary evidence if dependent.
  7. Proprietorship Deed or Partnership Deed if owner or partner of a company.
  8. In case of owner / partner of the company the applicant has to show a (Proprietor or Partnership Deed Documents).
  9. Inscription to the chamber of commerce and Industry or to any other Government
  10. Personal / and Company’s NTN Certificate.
  11. NTN Return for the last 03 years.
  12. Personal / company’s bank statement of the last six months + bank certificate (Account Maintenance Certificate).
  1. Salary Slips Last Six Months. (if employed)
  2. Visiting Card in case of owner/proprietor/partner.
  3. Copies of the Credit Cards.
  4. Copy of Polio Vaccination Certificate.
  5. Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC).
  6. Family Registration Certificate (FRC) Issued NADRA.
  7. School ID Cards & School Certificates (if accompanying Children’s)
  8. Traveler’s accident & Hospitalization (Sickness) Policy.
  9. Airline ticket with confirmed return date.
  10. Hotel reservation confirmed.
  11. Photocopies of first four and last two pages of passport including current and previous visited countries visas (All Non-Blank Pages).
  1. If under 18 years old, authorized of parents along with the copies of their CNIC.
  2. B-Form, Birth Certificate & Last Month School Fee Slip (If Accompanying Children’s)
  3. If under 12 years old, who is traveling alone should have the authorization of parents along with the authorization by the Airline.
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