South Africa Visa

Islamabad – Pakistan


01 Duly completed and signed Visa Application Form DHA-84 (black ink only)
02 Two (2) recent photographs with white background
03 Original passport with at least six months validity and with at least two blank visa pages
04 All previous / old / expired passports
05 Non-refundable processing fee of Rs3,700/=
06 Covering letter about your profession / business / school / college / university / etc
07 Last three months personal bank statement (original signed & stamped)
08 Last three months company / business bank statement (original signed and stamped)
09 Parents bank statement (in case of student)
10 Proof of return air ticket
11 Hotel bookings/confirmation – unofficial booking not accepted (if don’t have sponsor in SA)
12 Certified copy of Birth Certificate of children below 18 years
13 Consent letter from parent(s) in case a child/children travelling with other parent or alone
14 Husband’s detail if married lady is travelling alone (CNIC/passport copy, covering letter, etc)
15 Affidavit confirming purpose, duration, monthly income & available funds for visit on stamp paper
16 Copy of CNIC and Bio-Page of current passport
17 Letter from the host / sponsor from South Africa
18 Certified copies of ID and passport of the host / sponsor
19 Certified copy of PR Certificate (In case the host is PR holder or naturalized SA citizen)
20 Particulars of the host in the Republic including —proof of residence —proof of profession —proof of business registration —etc
21 Last three months bank statement of the host / sponsor in SA
22 Proof of Registration in case attending a seminar / conference / exhibition
23 Letter from Ministry of Sports / Ministry of Foreign Affairs in case of Sports Teams
24 Yellow Fever Certificate (if travelled or travelling through Yellow Fever belt countries)
25 Additional documents in case the applicant is going on Business Visit:

— Recommendation from Chamber — Certified copy of Chamber Membership — Certified copy of NTN Certificate and Tax Returns



All documents in a foreign language must be translated into English by a sworn translator.

__  Please submit only certified copies of original documents except Police Clearance(s). The Mission will
not be held responsible if the original document is lost.

— Submission of Fake/Fraudulent documents is an offense. The Mission may refer such cases to relevant law enforcement authorities.

The Mission may request any additional documents / information where and when necessary.

I _______________________________  fully understand the requirements and aware that failure to meet the said

requirements as contemplated in terms of Immigration Policy my application may lead to refusal.

Date:                                                                                                        Signature:____________________________________________________

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