South Korea Visa

II. Visa Information for Pakistani Nationals:
• Pakistani nationals who have an ordinary passport have to obtain a visa to enter the Republic of Korea.
• Diplomatic and official passport holders are exempted from Visa for staying less than 90 days in Korea.
Required Documents
Visa applicant who is under 18 years old has to submit his/her POLIO VACCINE CERTIFICATE at the time of application. (From 20th
Dec. 2011)
All applicants are requested to submit the following documents
• Passport (valid for at least six months
• 01 Application Form (filled in personally by the applicant)
• 01 latest passport-size colored photograph
• Documents according to the category of the status (see below).
Authority Letter (If applicant is visiting Korea second time, physical appearance is not required)
ii. Documents to be prepared by Pakistani Invitee
• Job Certificate/ Recommendation Letter
• Bank Statement for previous six months
• Others e.g. Marriage Certificate ( in case of marriage with Korean), family relationship paper etc.
ii. Documents to be prepared by Pakistani Invitee
• Company & Personal National Tax number Certificate (Original & Copy)
• Company & Personal Tax payment Receipt (Original & Copy)
• Company Registration Certificate (Original & Copy)
• Company & Personal Bank Statement for previous six months
• Business Relationship supporting Documents e.g. L/C, B/L, Sales Contract.

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