Turkey Visa

TURKEY – Consulate General Karachi

a) Valid passport for up to 8 months
b) Online visa form
c) Signed cover letter
d) Employment letter (If the applicant is business owner then his cover letter will be on his company’s letter head)
e) Invitation letter/ Exhibition registration and other details/ Acceptance letter
f) Turkish notary paper (Specially required for first time travelers to Turkey for business )
g) Vergi Levhasi certificate (Turkish company registration)
h) Flight reservation
i) Hotel reservation
j) Account maintenance certificate
k) Recent 3 months’ bank statement
l) Previous passport copies (visa of all countries and there entry exit stamps)
m) 03 months recent salary slip (Must be stamped from employer)
n) Tax paper and NTN certificates.
Visa Application Process:
ONLINE FORM: https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/Visa/Index
a. For Individual applicants personal appearance is must
b. For family application, Appearance of head of the family is sufficient
c. For groups: Company’s Travel desk should contact Gerry’s for appointment.
a) Single entry fee: ———
b) Multiple entries fee: —- (Multiple visas can only be granted if applicant has travelled before to Turkey)
c) Visa fee is updates in beginning of each year)
d) Applicants are required to submit 2 photos of 6*5cm taken in white background and type should be biometric, attached hard copy of photo must not be damaged. JPEG format should be uploaded (not scanned)
e) Applicants contact details must be mentioned on the form
1) Landline number ( residence and office number with extension)
2) Mobile number
3) Email address
f) Applicant must fill complete contact details of inviting company on the form. (Applicant can write inviter’s details manually in case if system doesn’t print the details).
g) Application should be signed by each applicant if above 18 years of age. Otherwise for minors one parent can sign the application.
h) If depended child is traveling with one parent then affidavit from other parent is must along with parent’s contact details. And similarly if child is travelling with relatives then affidavit from both parents is required. (Additionally if parents are separated then affidavit and separation certificate (Depends upon the case) is required or if one parent has expired the death certificate is required)
i) If applicant’s family/relatives lives in Turkey and applicants intend to stay with inviter then inviter’s contact details must be mentioned along with copy of Turkish Kimlik, residence permit, residence address.
j) If applicant mentioned that he/she will travel with other person/family members/friends then copy of their visa and reservations is required. (Copy of USA/ Schengen visa and Evisa or Turkish visa sticker obtained from another country)
a) Pakistani official passport holders are exempted from visa for their travels to Turkey up to 90 days.
b) Pakistani ordinary passport holders with a valid Schengen, OECD member’s visa or residence permit may get their one month single entry visas online. E-visa is only valid when the
purpose of travel is tourism or commerce. For work and study visas, applicants are required to get regular visa given by our Consulate. For further information, please follow the link on our home page and check www.evisa.gov.tr.
c) Foreigner passport holders must have 6 to 8 months valid Pakistani visa.

It is mandatory to inform Gerry’s about group size and provide company information to get approval from Consulate General for acceptance before processing online applications. It is must be noted that Turkish visa is valid for six months so companies or educational institutions can first take their visas from Consulate General and then they can confirm their flights and hotels later to avoid financial losses.
Collect your documents in person at the Gerry’s Visa Drop box office.
Gerry’s Visa Drop Box Offices

Hyderabad Shop #3 & 12, Indus Ranches Ground Floor Near R.T Restaurant Auto Bhan Road, Shah Latifabad Karachi Bahria Complex 4, 4th Floor Chaudhry Khaliq-uz-Zaman Road, Gizri Karachi 43/1/E, Razi Road, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi

Quetta Shop S-9, Swiss Plaza, M. A. Jinnah Road
Processing Time
The Turkey Embassy takes 2 week to process the visa applications. This time could vary depending on the procedures at the Embassy. Applicants are advised to submit their applications 2 week prior to their intended travel date.

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